Scotland Group Travel Guide

Scotland Group Travel Guide is a location-based app to complement the Scotland Group Travel Guide package offered by in2 Design and Publishing. The package consists of a printed brochure detailing all the major tourist attractions, accommodation providers, Restaurants and Cafes, Activities and Tour Operators suited to the groups market in Scotland. The app grabs all these businesses and presents them in an simple manor with the use of maps and ordered lists as well as showing nearby special offers for groups.

The app makes use of a json feed from the website which the app downloads onto the device on first launch. This data is then stored on the device permanently to ensure the app functions whilst being used in the many regions of Scotland that lack mobile reception!

The app consists of 5 tab-bar options showing the different types of businesses split into categories of – Attractions and Activities, Accommodation, Food outlets, Tour Operators and Special Offers. Each page lists all the businesses based on location compared to the user – the nearest first. When a business is tapped, more details are presented to the user such as contact details, descriptions, services available etc. The user can also see the location of the business on a map for easy navigation.

The app also features a countrywide map showing all the businesses throughout Scotland to aid with planning a trip to Scotland.

The app can also provide incentives for group travellers who dont have a planned itinerary by showing nearby special offers.

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The iPhone app was built using native Objective C.


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